Welcome to Delta Products, home for all your maintenance supply needs.

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Delta Products carries an extensive product line, our services are available to, and utilized by companies of all sizes.

Delta Products offers all of our customers, in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets the opportunity to save time and money when it comes to their maintenance needs. Delta serves the continental United States with long life energy saving lighting and environmentally friendly solvents and cleaners.

Delta's full product line of fluorescent bulbs carries a 5 year unconditional guarantee. All incandescent bulbs have a 2 year guarantee. We also carry Flood Lights, Spot Lights, Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium bulbs, as well as a full line of energy saving Compact Fluorescents and Spiral Lamps. We may not stock the light you're looking for, but we'll always do our best to obtain it for you.

At Delta we believe our maintenance chemicals are comprised of the safest and strongest formulas available. These concentrated chemicals provide you, and your company, a more effective choice in cleaning. Let the products work for you. We offer industrial and institutional strength chemicals at a fair price.

Our product line is not limited to the supplies mentioned above, those in the photos or even in our product catalog. We carry thousands of products to supply every customer's need. If we do not stock the item, our product specialists will do everything we can to satisfy and fill your order. Let our professional sales representatives show you what over 30 years of experience can do for your business.

You can download our full catalog in .PDF format on this site.

We are currently in the process of making our full complement of SDS sheets available here in .PDF format. Please bear with us during this process. If you cannot find the SDS you are looking for, feel free to reach out through our contact page and we'll do our best to help! Please click here for our SDS library.

We know how important our environment is, which is why we've started to offer a line of "green" cleaners and chemicals for your needs, and why we specialize in long life light bulbs, and low mercury fluorescent bulbs. You can always rest assured that Delta is looking out for the environment in everything we do.